I cannot emphasise enough how pleased we are with the school. People feel that the new school building has improved the lives of pupils, staff and parents.
Head Teacher, Mayfield Primary School.

Right from the start it was designed to suit the user and we’ve been encouraged to come onto site …For us it’s absolutely fantastic!
End-User, 40th Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Sectors We Serve

When you have a capital project or major program on the drawing board, we bring our financial strength, industry relationships and reputation to work on every project.


In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of commercial construction, speed, quality and cost make all the difference. As a company we embrace innovation, marrying our intimate knowledge of construction with the latest technology. We create innovative, cost-benefit solutions for the most complex commercial construction challenges.


We have a long track record in the construction of complex projects, delivered on time and on budget, and often in a ‘live’ environment. Our extensive experience in government and custodial contracts ensures consistency, transparency and accountability. Our aim is to mitigate risk and undertake proactive measures to ensure the safe delivery of all our projects.


We have planned, designed, engineered and constructed facilities for the defence estate throughout the UK. For over 30 years, we have been Northern Ireland’s primary defence contractor, creating facilities to house critical defence operations and programs. We have extensive experience in delivering projects within hostile environments, to our clients’ exacting needs.


Today more than ever, educators are being challenged to balance cost with the demand for quality learning environments. They're seeking intelligent answers to tough questions—and guidance to make the best decisions. Henry Brothers is the best choice to get the greatest value for every pound spent on school construction and design.


We know how to tackle the unique challenges healthcare construction presents. For the past 30 years, we've been building an unsurpassed knowledge-base of construction know-how, proven methods of delivery and reliable results. Collaboration starts early, integrating the key members of the hospital or practice staff, and design and construction teams to maximize project success.


When you need your industrial facility up and running, you want it done yesterday—and right the first time. In a 24/7 world, lost time means lost production, revenue and profit. With decades of proven experience, from scheduling to project closeout, Henry Brothers uses sophisticated construction management systems to control every aspect of your project.


Henry Brothers have utilised the specialised knowledge gained in this sector to deliver world class high security policing establishments, ensuring faster and safer execution by managing every aspect of the project, from preconstruction through completion. We appreciate the importance of local community relationships and develop impact reduction programmes to minimise disruption to the local infrastructure.


We build award winning housing developments, and practical living spaces for private and government clients. We treat every client, every building and development project, as if it's the most important one we've had, because it is. Our clients place their trust in our experience, qualifications and capabilities, to ensure that their project is completed to their satisfaction.