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For us, sustainability is all about improving the way our business responds to the needs of our stakeholders, and to ensure the sustainability of their activities. This ethos is instilled deep within the culture of our organisation and is very much part of who we are as a company.




Our approach to Sustainability is to create long-term value through the consideration of how we operate in the ecological, social and economic environment. Sustainability is engrained in our company culture and is fundamental to our business operations.

Through our Business Continuity Plan, we address the Social, Economic, and Environmental risks facing our business today.

We also assess risk at a Global Level, because by understanding the nature of these risks, we can develop appropriate action plans which ensure that resilience is embedded into every aspect of our business.

This is followed through to our Sustainable Business Strategy, and our commitment is detailed in our sustainability policy.

The key drivers of our sustainability policy are the impact of natural resource depletion on our planet, and fossil fuel consumption – which is contributing to global warming and climate change, in a way that is unsustainable.

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We believe that investing in nature is vital for biodiversity, beneficial for the economy, and critical for us as people.

With this in mind, each project we undertake is risk-assessed at the outset, in order to determine the mitigation strategies and professional advice required to carry out the works.

Finally, we employ ecologists to advise us on ways to enhance biodiversity on our projects because biodiversity is a company KPI which we report on, are judged on, and strive to enhance year on year.



By enforcing strict guidelines on waste management across the business, we are making progress towards our Zero waste to landfill commitment.

98.4% of total waste was diverted from landfill in 2019 across the business. This was achieved through segregating all food waste at both head office and site locations, through skip segregation stations on site to ensure recycling of the main waste streams and through development of Site Waste Management Plans and during the design stages to ensure the most beneficial and environmentally best solution is applied

Henry Brothers continually engage in dialogue with our Waste Management Contractors which ensures we are always getting the best available service and are always meeting our waste objectives and obligations.

Supply Chain


We believe we can make a tangible difference to the environment, by educating and guiding our supply chain on the journey to sustainability.

We have made significant progress in this regard by committing to using only FSC- certified timber suppliers on all our projects, and by using recycled materials wherever possible (and in consultation with our clients), to offer fully sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Finally, we have in place a ‘greening the supply chain’ project which is demonstrating not only our commitment to ongoing and constant improvement but also our commitment to collaboration with our clients and partners to help us improve together.



At Henry Brothers we fabricate and install bespoke low carbon modular units fabricated at our head office premises in Magherafelt

This off-site, low carbon building solution offers a streamlined, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional build techniques as a result of reduced lead times, reduced time on site, less wastage, and fewer carbon emissions resulting from the delivery of materials.

And finally, because our manufacturing process gives us more control over the materials used, it is easier for us to calculate the environmental footprint of our projects. On a recent project we secured a reduction in waste of 70%. We delivered significant financial savings including an approximate cost saving of 25% due to the relocation of the panel system against a new build. Overall the project delivered in the region of 30-40% savings compared with a traditional build.



We have installed Photovoltaic Panels to our main head office location.  These 75 KWPH systems will equate to a saving of 540 tonnes of C02 over the next 20 years.

To encourage the use of hybrid and electric vehicles, electric charge points have been installed at all of our offices and currently over 30% of our company fleet is electric or hybrid.

with a traditional build.