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As a large employer, we recognise that wherever our business activity takes place, it invariably does so against the backdrop of an often divided society.




Henry Brothers has been an important part of the community for over 40 years. But the same goes for our sites in England and Scotland; these are now an accepted part of the areas in which they are located but still we recognise that it is our duty to contribute positively to these communities on a much broader societal level. That’s why we are passionate about doing our bit to keep the communities in which we have a strong physical presence, vibrant and alive by focusing on two core areas: – Charity – Supporting young people



The Company, our employees and our supply chain are all hugely supportive of local charities, whether it’s through payroll giving, fundraising activities, staff volunteering initiatives or the donations of materials.

Supporting young people


We believe in helping young people to prosper because when they do, we all do. That’s why we are heavily involved in the promotion and support of young people.




As a company which strongly believes in encouraging young people into the construction industry, we work closely with a number of local further education colleges – as well as other training providers – in the provision of a wide range of construction-focused apprenticeship training programmes. Completion of an apprenticeship programme will make the successful graduate job ready and ensure they have the full skillset needed to thrive in the work environment.

Employment Preparation


We are extremely active in local schools, in terms of helping to give students the core life-skills they need as they come to the next phase of their life. In this context, we participate in mock interview days. Here, the goal is to replicate the job application process by giving students an insight into CV and application writing, and teach them interview skills & techniques, to prepare them for real-life interviews that lie ahead.



Sport plays a huge role in all our lives and is, we believe, every bit as important as education and career development – and not just from a physical health and fitness perspective but from a mental, personal development, and social perspective too. The reality is that sport, in its many forms, provides a great social outlet for people of all ages. It also, however, provides ready-made networks for young people, which can be invaluable in the context of providing an introduction to different career opportunities, simply by getting exposure to different people from different backgrounds. With all of this in mind, Henry Brothers have recently signed a three-year sponsorship deal with Moyola Park Football Club Youth Teams – and we look forward to playing our part in helping the young people of our community through this great club!