How We Do It

How We Do It

Quality Assurance

We strive to deliver outstanding results and the highest quality of service, priding ourselves on client satisfaction and creating relationships that are lasting and memorable for all the right reasons.


From the pre-construction stage to project completion and beyond, Henry Brothers’ quality assurance system is designed to not only meet the needs and expectations of our clients but exceed them.

This is carried out by developing project-specific Hold Points, Definable Features of Work, Inspection Test Plans, and Quality Sign-Off, all of which is completed through an app to ensure accountability and sustainability.

Collaborative Working

We believe that effective collaboration is key to maximising opportunities and providing the best value possible, in addition to addressing, monitoring, and mitigating the different challenges and risks that may arise.

At the heart of this is efficient communication with all parties, offering an ongoing stream of relevant information that utilises our Common Data Environment to uphold our excellent levels of transparency.

We also agree on a communications and complaints procedure from the beginning of all projects, with all communications recorded on a register to allow for traceability.

‘Right Time First’ Culture

Henry Brothers has implemented a ‘Right First Time’ culture to guarantee our clients receive the highest-quality service every time.

Not only does this minimise the risk of error and waste, but also keeps Henry Brothers at the forefront of the industry and demonstrates our ability to maintain and strengthen client and working relationships.


Using the latest technology, our dedicated team of quality auditors are committed to compliance with our quality systems throughout the lifespan of the project. Quality audit analysis aids in confirming that we are continually improving our standards and raising the bar.