RAF Lossiemouth, New Installed
Engine Test Facility

Fully installed Engine Test Facility (IETF) including all associated internal and external infrastructure

The design, planning, and construction of a new steel portal framed Hush House with profiled metal cladding and loading door to fully enclose a single jet aircraft during testing and limit internal and external noise.

External works included the construction of reinforced concrete aircraft pavements to provide access to the facility from the existing Eastern Taxiway; the demolition of three redundant Potential Explosion Stores (PES) and associated reinforced concrete blast wall and earth revetments; and the provision of a new bitmac access road.

An annex to the main facility contained a control office, WC, pump room and plant room to which a fire suppression system incorporating electrical and diesel pumps and a dedicated water supply tank were installed.

The foundations to the facility, including the annex and the water supply tank, were supported on driven concrete piles. Systems installations included fire alarm, CCTV, voice/data communication, lightning protection, and external lighting.

RAF Lossiemouth


Royal Air Force Lossiemouth,


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