Mummy Physios visit Henry Brothers for menopause awareness session

Aug 22, 2023 | 0 comments

Henry Brothers recently welcomed Magherafelt based sisters, Mary Angela and Kathy, known as the Mummy Physios, to Head Office to speak to staff about menopause.

Here’s what some attendees had to say about the sessions…

  • “Thought it was brilliant, very educating, easy to understand, and I could relate to everything the ladies were talking about.”
  • “I found the session very informative but in a friendly and easy-going manner.”
  • “The session was excellent with lots of takeaways and suggestions for going forward.  It was so refreshing to hear the Mummy Physios speak so openly about menopause and its symptoms and to normalise what so many women are going through. I only wish I’d attended such a session before my symptoms started so I’d have known sooner that I wasn’t just ‘losing the plot!”
  • “Menopause started early for a lot of women in my family, they were late 30’s, I am 32 so I was looking forward to the session to get more educated on menopause and symptoms to look out for, I have taken a lot of information away from the session and now I am more informed as to what I will expect. Thank you for the opportunity to do the session.”
  • “I found the session useful as I can relate to the majority of the symptoms with going through this myself, thankfully my symptoms have gone now.”
  • “I found the session very useful, relating to the majority of things spoken about as going through this myself. The girls spoke well and gave a good insight for people who have not gone through this yet.”
  • “Great presentation and very well delivered, a lot of information taken away. Good to see a very important topic being addressed in the workplace.”
  • “I really enjoyed the session. Not only was it very informative and practical it was also fun and the girl’s enthusiasm on the topic was evident throughout. It is good to know there is help and support locally. Thank you so much.”

A big thank you to Mummy Physios for delivering such an informative and engaging session!




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