ABAANA Trip to Uganda Update

Jul 3, 2019 | 0 comments

We hope you enjoy this update on the Abaana Trip to Uganda….


Shane & Deborah set off on Sunday with The Rainey Endowed School team, travelling for over 20 hours to Kampala in Uganda and then a further 6 hours in a bus to reach the site of the new Rainey Primary School in Uganda.  A warm welcoming reception greeted them both at the Guest House and at the site of the school. They sat under the shade of a mango tree and enjoyed a spectacular African welcome from the children who performed songs and dances, and also sharing cake.

For the next few days the team divided into two groups, some teaching the children at the school while the others spent the day laying brickwork for the new school.

The children were split into four groups of 80, each group were given different activities to do with biology and the different body parts. This included making stick fish and many games of head, shoulders, knees and toes. The group were put through their paces with games of duck duck goose and the children were even taught the hokey pokey and the macarena.

The building was tough in the heat with the group mixing the cement and laying down the foundations for our new partnered school in Africa.

The builders working on the new Rainey primary school site continued to keep up their astounding pace, despite the flustering heat that glared down on them the whole day. They successfully managed to get the height of the walls up to and past mid-window height. Despite minor sun burns and very tired bodies from the previous day of building, Rainey’s team of builders met everyone’s expectations and more, for the short time period that we have been here.

The team of teachers were kept busy in the existing “Rainey Primary School” with a large range of school pupils ranging from P1s to P6s. The tasks ranged from teaching the kids about the names of jobs, teaching them animal sounds which was then incorporated into the song “Old MacDonald had a farm.” The kids then thoroughly enjoyed making and decorating animal masks which they clung to for the rest of the day.



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