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Henry Group looking after physical and mental health

Members of the Henry Group workforce are being encouraged to look after their physical and mental health this February under a new programme offered to all our personnel. The Henry Group has partnered with Keith Bigger of RE: Health & Fitness and the well-known mental health charity, AWARE to provide our employees with a brand-new 6-week programme ‘The Fitness Factor’.

Henry Group Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Ian Henry said,

“We are all very conscious of the importance to look after our physical health and our mental health. Within the Henry Group we feel that it is important to support the wellbeing of our personnel and therefore we made a corporate decision to offer a fitness programme to our personnel right across the Henry Group. We have partnered with Keith Bigger of RE:Health & Fitness as well as AWARE, the well-known mental health charity to offer this programme which has been proven to help individuals clear their head, get fit, lose weight and help to sustain these well after the 6 weeks.”

One of the main aims of the programme is to teach individuals how to control their own diet & nutrition, that way we can stay on top of your nutrition forever. The programme commenced with a significant number of sign-ups, who have been divided into groups that network regularly, providing each other with support as well as competition. The programme provides 3 Live Workouts per week that can be completed at a time to suit each individual. Regular check-ins are essential to make sure everyone is progressing in their weight loss & fitness mission.  Some fun challenges are thrown in along the way. Of course there are prizes to act as motivators as progress is made with an end-game winner who will be awarded one extra day’s leave as their prize.

Ian continued, “We are very pleased to support our personnel in this way and we are delighted with the number of people that have signed up to join the Fitness Factor programme and I look forward to hearing about the progress of my colleagues as we get fit and look after our mental health too.”

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